Behold the Lamb of God!

Precious Saints,

    Please read our newest issue of CREATOR, "Many Points of View," at 

    This may very well be the most important issue of CREATOR we have ever published or will publish! In it, we explore the many ways that Jesus has blessed His creation with the gift of eyesight. It is an absolutely fascinating study.

God — our All in All

Precious Saints,
Please listen to this short message by Dr. Steven Lawson. Please carve out time in your busy schedule to contemplate & enjoy what he presents here—it's life changing! It is the sum total of all things. It is our life and joy, the very reason for our existence. There is verily nothing more important than this Truth:

Soli Deo gloria,

God's Glory in the Midst of Trials

Beloved, I so appreciate what the late Charles Spurgeon says below because it humbly reminds me that God's glory in Christ is the solution and the only true cure for all of our problems! I have often worried that the folks who receive our publications might not see & enjoy fully the glories of Christ revealed in all that He has made as Creator; our natural pride is such a thick, dark cloud dimming our sight of Christ's majesty (thus the Apostle's command & plea for us to fix our eyes on Jesus—Hebrews 12:2).

Pluto Revealed!

After nine and a half years—and 3 billion miles—the New Horizons spacecraft safely traversed the Pluto system earlier today. And just minutes ago (after many hours of scheduled blackout), NASA received a signal from New Horizons that everything on the spacecraft was functioning normally. This means that the spacecraft can start sending back pictures of its close encounter tomorrow morning.

Christ to Reveal His Glory at Pluto

In a little over a week, our Lord Jesus will reveal His glory in a special way as the New Horizons spacecraft flies by Pluto: "Eyes on Pluto"


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