Extravagant Creation

The American theologian and philosopher, Jonathan Edwards, once wrote:

"God in the redemption of Christ does not only provide for our salvation from misery, but provides for us positive blessedness and glory."

Frog Praises

Some scientists have insisted over the years that the reason frogs sing is to attract a mate. There is, however, little or no scientific evidence for this theory!

Our good friend, Stacie, sent us this short video, which she took this past weekend.

Our Generous God

Pierre Viret also traced out the loveliness of God’s generous Being
by arguing

Be Not Careless in Considering His Works

"because we are either sluggish or careless in considering His works, and because they quickly pass away from our view in consequence of our giving so little attention to them, [Isaiah] repeats the same statement in many forms. We give our attention to vain and useless matters, instead of admiring these works of God; and if at any time they excite our admiration, yet we quickly forget them, because we are speedily led aside to different and very unimportant matters.


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