The Creator of Coffee and Tomatoes

I just ran across these facts:
Bananas possess just one odor-producing chemical, which when you smell it you say, "That's a banana." Tomatoes, on the other hand, fashion more than 400 fragrant chemicals, and by some very complex means our Lord Jesus uses them to form the smell we call "tomatoes." Finally, the aroma of coffee has something in the order of 800 different compounds that create its unique odor. And the number of new chemicals that scientists are discovering in coffee each year continues to grow!

New Issue of CREATOR — Radiations of a Great God

In this issue of CREATOR we explore Christ's mysterious creation of Electromagnetic Radiation. It is something we can't live without and which fills the universe, proclaiming the perfections of God wherever we find it:

Extracting Heaven . . .

by Pastor William Jay (1769-1853)
Thou renewest the face of the earth.
Psalm civ. 30.

The Coming Storm

"The wrath to come."—Matthew 3:7.

"It is pleasant to pass over a country after a storm has spent itself; to smell the freshness of the herbs after the rain has passed away, and to note the drops while they glisten like purest diamonds in the sunlight.

Let Us Pursue Our Creator!

“The works of God should lead us to God Himself. Our study of the creature should be to gain a clearer light and knowledge of the Creator. There are many expressions and impressions of God upon the things which He hath made, and we never see them as we ought, till in them we see their Maker.


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