New Issue of CREATOR — on fearing God, part two

We are so thankful to our Lord Jesus for providing us the opportunity to present to you this newest issue of CREATOR. Here is Part Two of our two-part exploration into swamp ecology and what it means to fear God: Reflections in a Swamp Too


The Power of the Almighty

This video is truly beautiful and frightening at the same time (there is one expletive at 0:40-0:41; it is overwise clean): It's scary for different reasons than those that the environmentalists hold to (not to be too harsh). We get a glimpse of the Almighty's power in this event, but this is such a tiny, tiny reflection of His might.

Sun of Righteousness

If you look carefully at this recent Cassini photo of Saturn's moon Titan, you can actually see the Sun's image shining off the surface of one of the many hydrocarbon seas on the surface of Titan (look at the bright spot in the 11 o'clock position in the photo).

Crow vs Raven

Have you ever wondered how to tell a crow and a raven apart? Here is an excellent, short video produced by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology explaining the differences between the two:



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