Why do some animal species go extinct?
"The world is of a fading nature and would have come to ruin."
Jonathan Edwards (June 1743)

A Cicada Praises Christ Jesus in Colorado

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaM949kFrkw&feature=youtu.be   This hymn of an annual cicada was heard at 4:30 PM in the Wheat Ridge, CO greenbelt on October 2, 2013. It has generally been assumed that insects sing to attract a mate, but honest scientists admit that this is yet an unproven theory. The Bible clearly states that God's creatures sing praise to their Creator (Psalm 96:11-13)!

Surrendering to Christ

Maybe you're already at the place of total surrender of your life to Christ, but if not, please prayerfully—on your knees and with a humble heart—listen to this brief message.

Winter Longing

Winter is necessary because it helps to create a longing for Christ—the One who is Life.

Photo by Radosław Drożdżewski

Know Your God!

“It is the first and greatest work of ministers of Christ to acquaint men with that God [who] made them, and is their Happiness: to open to them the treasures of His goodness, and to tell them of the glory that is in His presence, which all His chosen people shall enjoy…. Having shewed them the right end, our next work is to acquaint them with the right means of attaining it.” Puritan Richard Baxter


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