The Goal of a Child's Education—Part 2

"And, therefore, I shall presume to tell you, by the way, that it is a grand error, and of dangerous consequence in Christian academies, (pardon the censure from one so unfit to pass it, seeing the necessity of the case commandeth it,) that they study the creature before the Redeemer, and set themselves to physics, and metaphysics, and mathematics, before they set themselves to theology; whereas, no man that hath not the vitals of theology, is capable of going beyond a fool in philosophy. Theology must lay the foundation, and lead the way of all our studies.

Our Father's Sure Embrace

Please watch this four-minute video of a panda bear interacting with her cub. It creates a precious portrait of our Heavenly Father's infinitely greater love for us and the indescribable tenderness of His embrace:

It also points to our utter dependence upon God and the sweet fellowship we can experience with our Father through Jesus Christ alone (John 14:6)!

All Joy in Jesus

Please listen to this encouraging message by John Piper—he shows us the source of all joy, and he urges us to have joy in all that we do, even in the midst of suffering:

Looking to Jesus

What the late Charles Spurgeon says here is the heart of the HIS CREATION ministry and the life line of the true Christian:

If the hope of our salvation lies in the Church, our family or our ministry, then we are in serious trouble! But if our hope of salvation lies solely in Christ, then we have peace with God (Colossians 1:27)!


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