The Beauty of Obedience

The beauty we see in nature is a reflection of Christ's glory, and is the direct result of creation's obedience to its Creator. When Jesus speaks, nature obeys (Mark 4:39). What then is the beauty of the true Church? . . . Our universal obedience to the rule of Creator Jesus in our lives (Romans 16:19, 26). Conversely, what is the genesis of the world's ugliness? . . . Its disobedience to Christ (Romans 15:31). This is why creation anxiously longs for the sons of God to be revealed because their obedience radiates the beauty of Christ for all to enjoy (Romans 8:19, 21)!

The Transcendence of God

Over the past couple hundred years, our society has gradually lost its sense of the transcendent—that there is something or someone much, much greater than us. From time to time, our Creator, Christ Jesus, graciously presents before our eyes a reminder that "He who descended is Himself also He who ascended far above all the heavens, so that He might fill all things" Ephesians 4:10 NASB.


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