Our Generous God

Pierre Viret also traced out the loveliness of God’s generous Being
by arguing that God gave to mankind through the excellencies of the
created order, not only what was necessary for survival, but also what was
beautiful to see, and what excited our desires. That is, our Creator goes far
above strict necessity, and provides a diversity of things that are lovely to
behold and melodious to hear:
"God not only provided these things [e.g. rivers, trees, animal inhabitants,
waters, and birds...] to take care of the basic needs of mankind, but also to
minister to their desires and pleasures, and to do so, he joined an excellent
beauty to things that are profitable and useful. For how lovely it is to see
beautiful islands in the sea, and [on the land] beautiful and clear fountains
and running streams...flowing down the mountains...and then the beautiful
little birds moving about, flying and singing among the trees with great
melody and natural music!"
Systematic Theology, Volume Two, Douglas F. Kelly p. 22, 23.
Photo by Stephen Craven, "Late spring flowers on Bog Lane in UK," Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic