New Issue of CREATOR — on fearing God

Precious Saints,
    We are thrilled to be able to share with you this newest issue of CREATOR, Reflections in a Swamp. This is Part One of a two-part exploration into what it means to fear God. We hope you are both encouraged and challenged by it: For many years, I have been studying the true Christian’s attitude toward fearing God. . . .

    I have read some of the classic works—both old and new—including John Bunyan’s A Treatise of the Fear of God (1679) and Jerry Bridges’ The Joy of Fearing God (1998). And, using Scripture as my lens, I have searched intently for reflections of “the divine terror” present throughout nature (Jeremiah 5:22-24). I do not pretend to comprehend the full breadth of what it means to fear God, but I am convinced that the Church desperately needs to nurture this grace.
    One hundred and fifty years ago, those who identified themselves as Christians and those who were “God fearing” were one and the same. Sadly, this is no longer universally true. We trust, however, that as one who loves the Word of God, you are frequently reminded in Scripture that our gracious Lord is One to be properly feared. Many read 1 John 4:18 and conclude that Christians should not fear our Lord, but nothing could be further from the Truth. I find myself agreeing with John Piper’s exegesis of this verse, that “perfect love casts out fear” is a future grace—something we will experience in Heaven—not something we can know now in its fullest sense.

    We humbly hope that the Holy Spirit will use this issue of CREATOR (and, Lord willing, Part 2 to follow, Reflections in a Swamp Too) to move your heart and mind toward a greater desire to fear God!

                    In Christ’s love,

                    HIS CREATION