Pluto Revealed!

After nine and a half years—and 3 billion miles—the New Horizons spacecraft safely traversed the Pluto system earlier today. And just minutes ago (after many hours of scheduled blackout), NASA received a signal from New Horizons that everything on the spacecraft was functioning normally. This means that the spacecraft can start sending back pictures of its close encounter tomorrow morning.
As Colleen & I watched NASA TV this evening and heard that the Pluto spacecraft was healthy, tears welled up in my eyes because of the incomparable gift that our Lord Jesus Christ was giving to us. I found myself praying out loud, "No one is kinder than You, Lord Jesus, no one!" My enthusiasm bubbled over as I considered the numerous images of God's glory to be revealed from this remote planet in the coming weeks. As New Horizons gradually transmits the massive amount of data it collected during its Pluto flyby (at a rate of about 1 to 4 kb/sec), we will be treated to quite a display.

As a child, I remember staring at photos of Pluto in astronomy books from the 1950s and 1960s—photos which revealed no more than a pinpoint of light. I silently wondered if we would ever get a good look at the ninth planet. My childhood dream—and the dream of many children like me—is being fulfilled!
Thank You Lord Jesus,