A Confession

Who am I before the Lord? I am nothing! And who am I compared to others? All that has been accomplished in and through me has been accomplished by Christ's Spirit! If I hope to be useful to God I must walk before Him simultaneously as His grateful son and slave. Am I willing to so debase myself before God and men? My flesh wars against this desire (Romans 7). But O Lord, I so want to be as David before You (1 Samuel 16); please make it so.

I must not allow the battle scars—that have come from standing for Your Truth—to discourage me or turn me to pride. No! Lord Jesus, there was a time in my life when every small detail of Your creation thrilled me as a child because I saw in that thing You made a clear and wonderful reflection of Your character. But now I struglle to have that same youthful enthusiam. The pressures of life have crowded out so much of my childlike heart. Sweet Lord, would You once again refresh my heart and my mind by Your Spirit, and thrill me with the testimony of Your attributes seen reflected in even the simplest, most humble of Your creations?

Children get excited about insects and shells; we adults do not. How sad, how utterly sad! Please turn my heart from the adult world, and all the pride and perversion within it, and please once again lavish on me the heart of a young child. Allow me to be a fool in the sight of others, but a humble child in Your eyes, O Lord.

Father, Daddy, please forgive me of all my pride and worldliness—please perform this miracle in me for Your honor and glory alone. In Jesus' name alone and by Your Spirit alone. Amen. Rick