New Issue of the CREATOR Journal — "The Message of Earthquakes"

We are grateful to our Creator, Christ Jesus, for giving us the opportunity to present to you this newest issue of CREATOR:

“I would now like to move from the science of these disasters to the ‘theology’of earthquakes.
There is wisdom to be gained from the ‘message’ of these events. In Scripture, earthquakes are always
an indication of God’s power and glory (1 Kings 19:1-12;  Psalm 77:18; Isaiah 6:4; Matthew 28:2;
Acts 4:31; 16:25-30). Sometimes these natural disasters proclaim our Lord’s wrath (Jeremiah 10:10;
Revelation 16:18), but not always. When God spoke to Elijah, He used an earthquake to get his attention,
though He spoke to the prophet through a gentle breeze. “If we read Nahum 1:2-8, we see that God
does use earthquakes to reveal His wrath to the wicked, but in love He also provides Himself as the Refuge
for His people (Proverbs 14:26). The very One who is terrifying also becomes the One who brings peace
and comfort, in the midst of terror, to those who trust Him. In this case, an earthquake can be seen as a
type of divine wrath, and a merciful warning of a far greater punishment to come (see Matthew 24:1-14).”