Do You Adore Jesus?

Do you adore Jesus for all that He is and everything He has done?

Do you adore Him as Creator?

       • Are you fascinated and delighted by the tiniest things in nature?

       • Do you study these things with an eager desire to discover something about the way He thinks?

Do you adore Jesus in His commands?

       • Are you eager to universally obey ALL that He commands in His Word?

       • Do you readily see the Law fulfilled in Christ completely?

Do you love His Cross?

       • Do you daily humble yourself before the Cross and confess your sins?

       • Does His Cross humble you, and bring great joy and peace into your life?

Do you long to know the mystery of Christ's working throughout history?

       • Do you regularly study history through the eyes of His glory?

       • Do you daily look with eagerness for the evidences of His sweet providence in your own life?