The "god" of Marcion

I came across the following short article this morning. Please take a minute to read it:

Many know of my sincere commitment to study and proclaim the wonderful character of our incredible God. As I have grown in a sweet knowledge of Him, my eyes have been opened to see increasing signs of Marcionism in today's Church. (I personally have been aware of this heresy for many years now.)

Sadly, many folks who claim to be Christians do not like the God of the Bible. (This is painful for me to write.) But the Bible is the only written autobiography that God has given us. And my studies of His creation have only confirmed the rich portrait the Bible paints of Him! He truly is scary and loving at the same time. Like Aslan, He could tear us to pieces; He is forever dangerous. But because of the Cross, and only because of the Cross, He never will . . . if we repent and believe in Christ. I love this God! ​

The "god" that Marcion preached does not save anyone from the wrath of God. Tragically, this same marcionite "god" is being preached in many churches today. I share this with you because I dearly want you to know the God we proclaim and serve. Please don't let anyone convince you that the God of the Bible is not the true God of the universe or that He somehow needs "improving." These lies are often subtle and have a way of sneaking their way into our hearts and minds. Ephesians 6:10-20 In Christ, Rick