Christ's Astounding Creation of Fish!

I'm researching the fascinating subject of fish for our winter issue of CREATOR. In this research I have come across some amazing displays of Christ's glory. While our bodies are made up of 206 bones, some fish have as many as 1,500 bones. And because of the way fish eat and breathe, their skulls need to be quite flexible. It was necessary, therefore, for God to construct them in a way that is far more complex than our skulls! When I started reading about fish skeletons, and especially after visiting the site below, I found myself silently & joyfully worshiping our Lord almost to the point of tears. As Creator, He is so amazing! Please check out this web site—they sell mounted fish skeletons ... these are true works of art by our infinitely creative God:


P.S. When I look at these fish skeletons, I am "tempted" to conclude that humans are not the only creatures who are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14)!