Do We Adore Jesus? . . .

Do we adore Jesus for all that He is and all that He has done?

Do we adore Him as Creator? Are we fascinated and delighted by the tinest things in nature? Do we study these things with an eager anticipation to have deeper insight into the way He thinks?

Do we adore Him as the Word? Are we eager to obey ALL that He commands in His Word? Do we readily see the Law fulfilled in Christ perfectly?

Do we adore Him as Savior? Do we daily humble ourselves before the Cross and confess our sins to God? Does the Cross bring us great peace and joy?

Do we adore Him as King and long to know the mystery of His working throughout all history? Do we regularly study history through the lens of His glory? Do we eagerly look for His sweet providence in our own lives?

Do we adore Jesus?

Photo: Srivathsan CC BY-SA 4.0