Videos about Cells

We hope that the following videos help you understand cells better. And we hope that they lead you to worship—"with fear and trembling"—the One who does the impossible!

This is a very helpful video illustrating the differences between animal, plant, and bacterial cells. It also provides an overview of organelles:

The inner workings of a white blood cell are demonstrated in this winsome video set to beautiful music. Much of what takes place is explained in our newest issue of the CREATOR Journal, VOLUME 26 NUMBER 1:

Our Lord Jesus has created complex molecules (kinesins) that transport organelles within our cells, as illustrated in this short video:

The "frenzied" activity in our cells is perfectly controlled and orchestrated by our Creator. Nothing—absolutely nothing—is random or out of control:

This is a wonderful video with animations showing how our cells divide. But we respectfully disagree with the comment expressed at the end of the video saying that mankind will eventually develop nano-machines that will work better than the molecular molecules Christ has made:

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