"Alien" Praise to Our Lord Jesus

If you live in the eastern part of the United States—especially MA, NJ, VA—you may soon have the rare privilege of hearing 17-year cicadas sing hymns to our Creator.


Why do I say "rare?" Because nowhere else on Earth will the 17-year cicada make an appearance. These special emissaries of Christ's holy glory reside only in the eastern part of North America. Some people find their songs annoying, but I truly believe that Jesus is urging folks to recognize that He is worthy to be praised . . . if people won't daily worship Him with music in their hearts, then He moves lowly insects to this sacred task!



So, over the next two months, as you begin to hear the strange chorus produced by these alien-looking creatures, please remember that they are singing, first and foremost, to God their Creator. And they are calling to all of us to cease our "busy-ness," even for a few minutes, and set our hearts back upon Heaven's eternally beautiful King—our Lord Jesus Christ!


CREATOR VOL 12 NUM 4 kk.pdf