Isaac Ambrose on Being in Nature

In his book, Looking Unto Jesus, or the Soul’s Eyeing of Jesus as Carrying on the Great Work of Man’s Salvation (1658), Puritan Isaac Ambrose allows us into his private thoughts on communion with Christ: "I know not what others' experiences may be, but if I have found anything of God, or of his grace, I may thank a wood, a wilderness, a desert, a solitary place, for its accommodation; and have I not a blessed pattern here before me?" The "blessed pattern" pastor Ambrose speaks of is Christ's prayerful 40 days in a lonely wilderness in preparation for Satan's temptation and the devi

New Issue of the CREATOR Journal — "Hearing Christ's Kindness"

We are grateful to our Creator, Christ Jesus, for giving us the opportunity to present to you this newest issue of CREATOR: "Hearing Christ's Kindness"

R.C. Sproul

Both Colleen & I are greatly saddened by this news.

We have a special love for the Sproul family. R.C. and Vesta Sproul have been receiving our HIS CREATION publications for many years (and reading them to their grandchildren). R.C. wrote to me more than once and encouraged me personally in our ministry work.

Please pray for Vesta, R.C. Jr. and their grandchildren, that they may know the peace of our Lord Jesus, especially at this time of year!


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